Thursday, February 20, 2020

My last baby bump

It's 20/02/2020 today. What a nice date. 
And it marks the day my fourth pregnancy turns to 35 weeks. 
Which means, another 22 days before you come to the world. 
Ummi and Ayah have chosen 13th March 2020, Friday for the elective cesarian. 
Hopefully, you will stay calm and happy inside Ummi until that day which is supposed to be your 38 weeks and 1 day throughout this pregnancy. 

You have been a charm since the day I first felt your movement inside me. 
Every time you make any kind of move, I felt thankful to Allah. 
InsyaAllah anak ummi sihat membesar di dalam rahim ummi. 

IH4 and Ummi at 32+ weeks of pregnancy. 

This time around, ramai orang tegur, perut tak nampak sangat walaupun dah masuk third trimester. 
Most of the pregnancy, Ummi receives the same acknowledgment. Perhaps, sebab ummi tinggi. So, perut not so ke depan. 
But, I gained a lot of weight. Like now, at 35 weeks, dah 12-15 kg from pre-pregnancy weight. 
Well, this time pregnant pun Ummi dah berat than my comfort weight. :D

Abang Iyaadh yg super clingy, super manja, and cheeky nowadays. Tak boleh berenggang langsung dengan Ummi. Every day he will ask, bila baby nak keluar. 
When Ummi said, March nnt baby keluar. He will replied, kenapa lambat sangat. 

Throughout this pregnancy, I am totally sihat. Alhamdulillah. 
Except for one thing that I suffered since week 20ish of pregnancy. 
I felt a strong pain in my upper part of the body, in between my big tummy and ribs. 
In the first place, I thought it was reflux. Which I have been experiencing too. But it is controllable through Gaviscon and taking care of what I eat. 

However, there is another kind of pain that did not go away even though I have taken the Gaviscon and control my food intake. Doctor had told me it is due to muscle inflammation into the rib cage which is known as Costochondritis.

Source: Google

Most of the time, the pain grows stronger underneath my left rib. The position is exactly as in the photo except it was highlighting the right side of the body. 

It is very painful even when you touch the skin on top of your tummy in between the ribs, you will feel the pain. It is due to prolonged inflammation. 

If I walked a little bit more for that day, or stand slightly longer (ie during cooking), or do some extra house chores, the pain grows stronger and feels so bad that I need to lie on my back at that sudden. The doctor can only give mild pain killer which is equivalent to panadol. Well, the only solution is to embrace the pain and try to increase zikir when the pain struck. 

For the preparation of your arrival.. most of the things are ready.
Mainly ummi beli baru, sebab barang from abang2 and kakak dah so soggy. 
 Ummi is going crazy about muslin swaddle this time around. I bought quite a number of muslin swaddles for you. and they are cute! 

Once you arrive later in the world, Ayah and Ummi will decide which car seat we should use for you coz most of the infant carrier car seat looks like a little uncomfortable with too much bending. 

Ummi has been aiming at Joie Gemm until I found out about Joie i-Gemm, which is the improved version of the earlier one. Joie is within our range of budget, but if we can get Maxi Cosi or Nuna, that would be better. The most important thing is you must be buckle-up every time in the car! Hopefully ummi tak cheat!

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