Tuesday, November 10, 2009

ayam pesamah

learn new recipe from mum today.
we call it ayam pesamah..or maybe ayam negro? sbb kaler hitam.:P

very simple tp ayah ckp sedap:D

1: pieces of chicken..
2: rempah kari ayam
3: kicap manis cap kipas udang
4: serai sebatang
5: halia siket
6: sos cili maggi
7: garam siket
8: bawang putih
9: daun kari
10: potatoes (cut into cubes)

1: firstly, mix all ingredients (no 2-9) in one bowl.put some water.just a bit.
2: let the ingredient mix well for 5-10 minutes.
2: panaskan kuali.masukkan siket minyak and campurkan all the mixture.
3: then put the chicken and potatoes.
4: wait for 10-14minutes.check if the chicken is well cook or not.
5: then serve with white rice.

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