Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Ayah

the day my Ayah was born.
He was born in Kampung Sungai Seluang, Kulim, Kedah (my kampung now).
Ayah is very outdoor kampung boy. He is intelligent especially in maths and geography but due to very low chances he get when he was young and also due to lack of courage and opportunity, he did not further his study after high school. But he did a very good job teaching all four of us.

I am the first in the family and to be more lucky, the only daughter in the family. so, i know that he will surely loves me to the bottom of his heart. since i was a baby..or maybe since the first day i can memorize moment...i remember, Ayah will sang me a sounded like this
"Anakku Nur Fathiyah dengarlah,
Lagu yang Ayahanda karangi,
Sifatkan laguku ini, sebagai peganti diriku"

There are few more lyrics. this song was a copyright from P.Ramlee film.It means so much to me. Even till now. My dad is very hardworking person. When I was in primary school and when my mum was still working in Butterwoth office, I will have lunch with my dad almost every day. He will bought me 'nasik bungkus' and we will share it together. Such a time to remember.
Then he will accompany me to Kelas Agama in the afternoon while he riding his motrocycle to the office. In the evening, he will take me out to nearby playground or badminton court, or just take me around for sightseeing. My little brother, Imran will also accompany me.

Then, when i went to boarding school after UPSR, (sometime I think that was the craziest thing I did)....he was the happiest person after i annouced my UPSR result and also the offer to TKC. he sacrificed a lot for me to be in that school,not to mentioned how much my mum sacrificed for me. and also my brothers.

And today, 11.11.2009,
My Ayah is celebrating his 51st birthday. Not much for us in the family to celebrate since all of us is currently down with conjunctivitis. We just wish ayah simple wish,pray for his health and happiness, and went out for dinner outside. Though there is nothing fancy for Ayah from me this year, I will buy him something for sure later. But I realized, the current news I told him few days before his 51st birthday was the biggest present to him. I am surely he is more than happy with the news.

And not much to say, I wish my Ayah to have prosperous years ahead, healthier than before, happier than before, and surrounded by everyone he loves and things he likes. Happy Birthday Ayah...

Below is my masterpiece for Ayah 51st Birthday :-

You are the one who holds me when I first arrive in this world,
You are the one who let me hear the Praises for Allah for the first time in my life,
You are the one who named me this name,
You are the one who feel the success when you first look at me,

You are the one who teach me how to cycle,
You are the one who teach me how to say and to write Alif Baa Taa,
You are the one who teach me to climb trees,
You are the one who teach me to eat ikan keli!

You scold me when I was wrong.
You scold me when I say bad things.
You scold me when I get bad result,
And I know you scold me for good reasons.

I want you to be my wali when i get married,
I want you to be the person who send me to my husband,
I want you to hold my first child,
I want to see you go to Hajj,

And for you Ayah..
I love you so much.
Though I rarely show it to you.
Happy 51st Birthday.

with love,
Your daughter

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