Friday, March 12, 2010

pre-PMS or friday symptoms ?

right or not, i don't care. just need to list it down.cause im way too tertekan secara tiba-tiba tanpa sebab-sebab yang munasabah...

1) i get easily distracted with my work today.not distracted by fb but by the mood to stay out of this office. to be only alone with my fiance.

2) i get mad at myself when i can't understand what is my boss telling me. because i think i am very not brilliant since the thing he teach me is very simple

3) i get annoyed at people who smoked and blow the asap in front of other ppl face

4) i get annoyed when i can't get things correct. (sungguh bersifat perfectionist di sini)

5) i want to merajuk all the way but i end up searching for that particular person jugak.

-it turn out to be better after i talked and membebel to my fiance.this make me feel more blessed and more confident that he's the only one send to me by Allah to lead me in this world-

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