Sunday, September 5, 2010

ketupat rendang vs nasi dagang

ok, raya is around the corner. and this year will be a new year for me since i will be celebrating the raya with my husband in his hometown (now my hometown too) in terengganu. true or not, there is a slight feeling of sadness in my heart knowing that my 3younger brothers will not be around me this raya and i can't salam my parents' at raya morning. but out of the sadness, there is another side of exciting feeling that i will ask for forgiveness from my dear husband and also from my parents in-law and sisters in law..some more, i have been celebrating raya overseas for 3years, this year, it will still be in malaysia after all!

this will be new experience to me, i believe. usually every raya morning, my family will eat ketupat and rendang made by my grandmother in kedah..and we'll also have our special lontong apart from Pak Ndak's famous bihun sup in the evening ( thinking of it make my tummy goes growwwllll,,nyummy!) but raya this year, i will try new menu...
according to my husband and sms from my father in law, we'll be having nasi dagang , nasik kunyit with gulai ayam kampung and sate for raya menu. that's sounds new and still delicious to me. i asked my husband either i can get lontong in terengganu but he hardly say yes since its not their traditional food.
oh, now i believe that marriage is a blend of two different culture. but if you blend it well, you will get the best of both!

while im two months pregnant now, i started to feel so lucky for my child (children in the future) since they will experience two different raya session every year...not like me, my parents are both from nothern part, so the food and suasana of the raya celebration is practically the same at both kampung.

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