Thursday, September 23, 2010

all in a go

so many things happened around this two weeks.
I had a long break for Aidilfitri and celebrated my raya in Halaman Dhuha, Terengganu.
Had enough time to tour around KT.went to beach with family, went around the kampung with KT Skill Nissan Urvan while ayah driving and the others sitting at the back feel so nausea and try to sleep in the van to avoid headache and vomiting..
had time to try the famous sotong celup tepung. the kedai was located just at the very back to KT airport and it has a nice view of the sea with angin sepoi2 bahasa...

after 8days in KT, I went back to KL and started working. What a boring life again!work is ok. how ok it is, its still a work where all the stresses are there.

Last weekend, i send my brother to Akademi Perladangan SimeDarby in Bukit Asahan, Melaka. He joined the akademi last July and this is my first time visiting his place. the place was nice and neat. all the furniture are made from IKEA! even the lamp!I feels so different now that things changes so rapidly. He used to follow my parents to Seremban to send me to TKC, but now since I'm already married and working, Im the one who send him to his study place.

oh ya, i went for my third scan yesterday. MashaAllah,it is a superb experience can't be described by words when i saw my baby is moving. though he/she is still in his/hers 12weeks/3months, the hands and legs are fully formed (i can see that and i read fact bout baby's development in mommy's womb a lot nowadays) the hands and legs were moving when we do the scanning, Alhamdulillah my baby looks healthy and active. Praise to Allah=)


  1. start make movement at age of mommy tak leh rasa lagi, sebab baby is still so small..bila scan boleh la nmpak baby tgh move2


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