Tuesday, January 18, 2011

triple chin

pregnant does make me happy. of course it does! i'm going to be a mother and will have a little kid!

but pregnant also makes my body change a lot! definitely my weight increase...ok, the fact that i've increased more than 10kgs within 7months pregnancy do scared me! but, that does not matter as long as baby growing well inside.

i think my cholesterol level also has been increasing even doctor does not say any word bout it. i realized this because my neck getting more flappy! like my dad =( but my dad is 53 while im 24! will this change to normal after this?

i got double chin..no i think this is triple chin already! oh baby, mummy being so kind to u by eating everything she craves for...hope u r doing fine inside...xoxo u!

okla, whatever it is, i think this is part of the hormone changes, it does make me feel unhappy bout the changes on my body currently. so better stop here...


  1. 10 kg in 7months shud be ok kot :)
    so far i masih begini. maintain 53kg.
    tak tahulah pertambahan nanti bile dah 6-7months kan?

  2. sis i said more than 10kg..so sebenarnya i dah naik 14kg...ni minggu dpn check up, tak tau la berapa berat i ni..huhu..tapi doc ckp ok so hopefully ok..


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