Tuesday, January 11, 2011

the overdue post

last 29th dec was my hubby 25th birthday.
we went to Cherating to celebrate few days earlier because we got offday on the 24th.
stayed at D'village Resort in Cherating and I online ordered cupcakes for him.

Sebab terlupa bawa camera, so just amik pic guna camera hp,sbb tu overdue nak upload dlm blog..:P

abng was surprised with the cupcakes tp he already can teka that i did order something for him..just he thought the cupcake should arrive in kl not in cherating!hahha, luckily i found a good and reliable online selling cupcake located nearby Kuantan. okla, end up i'm the one who eat most of the cupcakes.

we went out for dinner at tanjung lumpur. at the famous Ana Ikan Bakar Petai. sebb takde cam, so no pictures of the dinner yg best n super mengenyangkan itu. we ordered ikan siakap bakar (size agak besar boleh makn utk 4 org, tp kitaorg makan berdua je, opss bertiga)..with sotong goreng tepung and tomyam campur and telur dadar + sayur . harga dah la mengejutkan sbb ktorg bajet should be around rm80+ sekali just rm56 je..cuma yg tak bestnya, this restaurant is tooo full!padat dgn ramai org especially big families...and nak tunggu ikar bakar siap is 1 hour ok! nasib baik ada order keropok lekor, so tak la kelaparan sgt..

and oh, on 29dec itself, i did make a surprise to him as well! bought him new running+badminton shoes! hope he likes it! but knowing my husband, selagi kasut yg ada sekarang tak koyak rabak, he will pakai the same kasut sampai la dah takleh pakai baru change to new shoes...so i guest, when he turns 26 baru he will wear the shoes i gave him:D

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