Sunday, February 20, 2011

weekend apetite feeder ~

this weekend i spend most of the time at home.except than i went out on saturday afternoon to attend a birthday party for my cousin's first child at KFC Sri was a fun birthday party full with KFC food and also kids! do enjoy myself there.

on the evening, i decided to bake after quite sometime i left the oven unheated. i bake choc chip cupcakes. but as i dun have a mixer, i think the texture of the cupcake is not as fluffy as the one i used to bake when i was in Perth. but the taste is still ok..
( the mixture)
(in the oven)
(its ready to eat..yipppeee)
but rasanya tak sesedap mana, bolehhhh laaa~

and for sunday lunch, i cook nasi tomato with ayam masak merah , dalca sayur and acar timun..luckily my husband like it..nasib baik nasi tomato tu jadi, thanks to my mum for guiding me with the recipe as i keep on calling her when i cook the nasi tomato...the last time i cook this was for Aidilfitri 2007 in Perth..!sigh, long time ago!

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