Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I'm officially celebrating my very first Mother's Day for myself as I am already a mum for 44 days now!

and still, warm wishes to My Mum Jamilah Mohd Sutan, I never see an ending with your love. Thank You for pampering and spoiling me till I become who I am today. Your pampering and spoiling does make me a person with courage and determination. I love You sampai bila-bila, now that I know how hard to deliver a person into this world.

and also Happy Mother's Day to my MIL, Wan Hafsah Wan Mohamad. thank you for sharing your love with me for nearly 1 year now.

I love these three mothers so much...(me,my mum, and my mother-in-law)

<(my mum and me during my graduation day, Australia 2009)

MIL and me + SIL

(saya---> the new mother)


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