Tuesday, May 3, 2011

immunization vaccine for your kids?

which one is better, giving the immunization at Klinik Kesihatan Ibu dan Anak or at Hospital Swasta?

I have few pro and cons regarding this...

Klinik Kesihatan Ibu dan Anak
1) Free of charge (pro)
2) Kids will get their immunization card which will make it easier when they register for government school later on (standard government health care for child card)(pro)
3)Has to be on weekdays. Hence either my husband or I have to take a day/half day leave to bring the kid to the clinic (cons)
4)Vaccination schedule not complete...ex: no Pneumococcal C vaccination in government standard vaccination scheme for the infant. (cons)

Hospital Swasta
1)its chargeable (cons)
2) can be done on weekend. so, we don't have to take leave for this.(pro)
3) vaccination scheme is more complete + we can decide which vaccine we want for the kid.(pro)
4) still got the book/card for the vaccination but will be a bit different from what we get in government clinic.(but I believe its still valid for school registration and further deals later on)(pro is it?)

Malaysian Government Vaccination Schedule

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