Saturday, March 17, 2012

Our Unexpected Trip (Perak-Melaka-Shah Alam-Perak)

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Wednesday, 14 March 2012
Parents in law, sis in law and nephews and nieces came to our home in Tronoh. 
We planned to do simple doa selamat on Thursday night for our new home plus new life in Tronoh.
Wednesday morning we both still went to uni and Ilyaas went to nursery. 
 Family arrived from Tganu at 3.30pm. They went to UTP first. 
We went to Tesco Sri Iskandar for light shopping. 
I made fried mee-hoon for dinner.
All of us sleep with a plan to go jalan2 at Ipoh on the next day.

Thursday, 15 March 2012
My mum's birthday.
Zulfa's birthday.
We received a sad news. Yaya's mum passed away early this morning.
In fact I heard the news from my father in law right after I finished my subuh prayer. 
Quickly cancel all the plan for doa selamat. Cancel catering order.
Made sardine sandwich and fried some karipap and fish fingers. 
Packed the food to eat in the car.
Quickly packed our baju and all, make our unexpected trip to Melaka to visit Yaya's family.
Yaya's was on her way back from UK with her siblings.
Reached Melaka by 12.45 pm. We missed the pengkebumian. But managed to meet the family. 
Went for lunch at  a mee stall recommended by father in law. Not bad. The mee goreng is nice.
Check-in King's  Hotel, Ayer Keroh. Rest.
The kids went down for swimming with Daddy Syah while others went out for shopping at Jusco. 
The guys and parents in law + sis in law went for tahlil. Mums with kids stay in hotel. eat food from hotel. 

Friday. 16th March 2012
Wake up early and whole family went for breakfast at hotel's restaurant. Good one.
Went to Yaya's house to meet Yaya who arrived 1.00am last night after landed in KLIA at 9.30pm.
All of us feel sad for her lost. We tried our best to give our support since soon in three months she's going to be part of our family.
She's going to marry my brother in law, Hakim this June.
Spent almost an hour in with her and her family before heading back to Shah Alam, to my brother in law's house.
Had simple lunch there and rest till night. 
All of us sleep in Shah Alam that night. Funny and sweet simple family event.
Thanks Abg Min and Kak Ezri for the hospitality. 
Hana, my 2 and half years niece from Johor.

Farzana and Ilyaas

Saturday, 17 March 2012
Wake up early again coz parents in law and adik bongsu going back to Tganu by flight this morning.
Went out to Restoran Nasi Kandar Kayu in USJ for breakfast. 
Whole big family celebrate Zulfa's birthday. 
We also do early celebration for Ilyaas. They differ by 10 days only:p
I am supposed to order Ilyaas' birthday cake for doa selamat at our home but due to this unexpected things, it was cancelled. 

Zulfa's birthday celebration

After that, we went to Sentul to collect our things before heading back to Perak.
It was a tiring and sad trip , looking back at the main reason we rushed to Melaka.
But, we had a chance to gather all family members (who are in Malaysia) for a short trip.

Ilyaas so happy dapat main dlm cupboard yang dah kosong kat Sentul

To Yaya (if you read my blog)
I know you are strong, InsyaAllah. And I can't imagine the lost you are having right now, but we all know He has greatest plan for each and everyone of us. If anything, we are here for you at Halaman Dhuha.
We will always recite Al-Fatihah and Yassin to your late mama.

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