Wednesday, January 28, 2015

CNY SALE: 20% Discount for Nursing Cover and Diaper Clutch

Assalamualaikum semua, 

Yes, kedai kecik I skrg tgh buat CNY Sale.. 20% discount untuk nursing cover and diaper clutch. 

Untuk 10 hari je... 

Starting yesterday, 27th January 2015 (1pm) sampai 6th Feb 2015 (1pm)

Cepat-cepat grab pilihan hati korang sementara tengah sale ni...

Diaper Clutch yang available for CNY Sale 

RM54 including postage
Original Price RM66 including postage
add RM4 for sabah/sarawak

Available Nursing Cover for CNY 

RM48 including postage
Original Price RM60 including postage 
add RM4 for sabah/sarawak

To order, PM our facebook page 
or can whatsapp me

(hp no at fb page)

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