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Sabah Fieldwork: North Borneo Biostation Resort, Kudat

Continuation from 1st entry publish last two weeks about fieldwork ke Sabah. 

Entry selepas ni semuanya berkisar dengan Kudat je sebab main study area untuk fieldwork kali ni ialah di Kudat. 

Dari KK, kami bertolak ke Kudat. Around 11.30am, check out TH Hotel and terus move ke Kudat. Plan asal nak stop over some where for lunch, but nak keluar KK dah ambil masa more than one hour due to jem, so perjalanan diteruskan dengan perut masing2 berkeroncong. Sampai dekat mana I can't remember, we pit stop isi minyak and solat. Mujur kat petronas station tu ada maggi cup, so I makan maggi cup dulu cause dah lapar sangat. we continue our journey to Kudat. Around 3pm, kitaorg dah sampai Sikuati. And we saw few outcrops along the way. Quickly decided untuk stop at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sikuati outcrop. 

Well basically, ni places that we went and ada few places berulang-ulang kali lalu sepanjang di Kudat. And our accommodation sepanjang dekat Kudat is North Bornoe Biostation Resort (NBBS) located at Eastern part of Kudat. 

NBBS resort ni menjadi pilihan I sebab I suka concept dia yg chalet with modern facilities. Dekat Kudat ada 2 lagi hotel yang decent. Kudat Golf Resort and another one I tak ingat and they are located in Kudat Town. NBBS ni dalam 20km from Kudat Town and agak dalam kawasan sedikit 'hutan' tapi with penduduk. 

The chalets at NBBS resort. 
Location wise, sangat sesuai untuk orang yang sukakan alam sekitar but tak sesuai untuk mereka yang cannot live without television cause they don't provide tv dekat dalam chalet ni. But they have internet connection at their cafe. Those yang dapat chalet berdekatan cafe, have a good wifi service, Yang jauh dari cafe, I'm not sure lah cause my chalet is only few metres away from the cafe. 

This is our chalet. Kitaorg booked 3 chalets. One for myself and my husband. One for my students and another one for a senior lecturer who come along in this trip. 

And that's the view in front of my chalet. Depan  tu terus laut. It was a breath taking view I can say. Bangun pagi bukak pintu terus nampak keindahan alam like this. 
Only if my kids were  there with me. 
Pergi atas urusan kerja, tak enjoy sangatlah. Luckily hubby was there too. 

The interior of our room. 

Pintu yang nampak tu ialah ke toilet and shower. 
Masuk je terus nampak katil dulu. the bathroom and toilet are at the back and divided with the other door. 
Facilities yang ada dalam bilik selain katil, bantal dan tandas ialah peti ais kecil. 
No tv. 

View of twin bed room from my students' chalet. 
Picture from the toilet. 

And this is the toilet and shower. 
They provided water heater, heating process was done by cooking gas. 
Ada drying rack, modern toilet, sinki and also soap. 
The rest, fancy shower creams and shampoo with conditioner, sila bawa sendiri. 

This is the cafe. The provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
The menu is really depending on what they have for that day. 
I mean, ada masa they don't have keow teow, so anything fried, 
is only bihun or mee even if you ask for keow teow goreng. 
Or no chicken, only meat. 

Because stocks dorang beli from Kudat Town. 

Ada one time, we ordered juice (but no ice) sebab ice habis. 

The price is reasonable, I can say with so far the best quality of food I ever tasted in Kota Kinabalu and Kudat (apart from fast food restaurant)... sorry orang sabah, selera semenanjung  nda sama .

This chalet is actually located along Pantai Bak Bak, Kudat. 
So, the access to the beach is just a distance away. 
But, part of beach at this resort is not suitable for swimming due to rocky landscape. 
Pantai ni sebenarnya underlain by Tajau Member of Kudat Formation which consist of sandstone and mudstone. Tapi disebabkan wave effect (weathering), semua mudstone dah eroded (since mudstone contains more clay and clay is subjected to weathering), yang tinggal cumalah sandstone bedding sahaja. In fact if we guna google earth, boleh clearly nampak jajaran or bedding of the sandstone along the beaches and shallow sea water in the eastern part of Kudat including beach at NBBS. Boleh refer to picture above (top left). 

Dekat sini jugak famous with another geological weathering product which is known as " Beach Bowling Ball". Can refer to my picture top right and bottom left. 
MashaAllah, right? 
How can a rock become so round like that? 
Dengan izin and kuasa Allah SWT, science can explain. 

and bottom right is us! This is the time we used to exchange our knowledge. 
I tell husband pasal geology, he tell me about the physics behind the geology. 


And last but not least, some collections of dead corals and sea shells I collected from Pantai Bak Bak, Kudat, Sabah. (free deco)


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