Friday, December 15, 2017

Review Autumnz Baby Food Processor

So I bought this one from lazada. 
Harga around Rm178

Been eyeing baby food processor since anak sulung tapi tak pernah beli. 
Anak no tiga (or mybe bongsu ni) baru beli. 

well, i x guna lama sangat pon benda ni. 

maybe dalam 4-5 bulan je kot, ke kurng lagi. 

biasala , bila anak dah banyak, dorg tumbuh gigi je terus bagi makan makanan dewasa. hahaha

umi dia makin pemalas. and makin relax. 

Ni Iyaadh masa umur dalam 6-7 bulan.. Now dah setahun setengah kot! lama nya umi dia nak amik masa update blog. sorry yang, umi x banyak update pasal awak dlm blog. Bukan x sayang tau, umi bizi cari duit hahahahah

yg ni example makanan yg saya masak guna food processor ni. buat stock.

and bawah ni steps nak masak pantas!

1. Frozen blended beras sangai 
2. Campak no 1 with carrot puree, potato puree, blended chicken flesh and homemade chicken stock with a little bit of H2O. Boil for 10 mins. 
3. Once ready, transfer to smaller container and let it cool. For 6-8months baby without teeth, preferably need to blend a bit using hand blender to get smoother texture. For babies with teeth, the texture of this porridge is already smooth enough. 
4. Label and frozen it. Ready to be eaten by your babies anytime, anywhere . Just reheat or double boiling it

Boleh tgk kat video ni gak..

.. Here's an example, right after steaming, the machine will beep to indicate that the steaming process is done and the light (red) will turn off. To blend, just turn the knob to the left side and blend it to your desired texture. I bought this from Lazada (seller onebabyworld) for the price of RM173 (free postage and free 8pcs (2oz) autumnz food keeper). I am actually a loyal customer of Autumnz secara tak disedari since 4 years ago.. I also used their sterilizer, warmer (bought at the end of 2012 and still functioning well to date) and their breastmilk plastic storage. Apart from that, I am also hardcore user of Autumnz nursing wear too! Ok, that will be all my unpaid review for Autumnz product...

stock utk 3 hari.

bubur from beras yg dah blend.

blended beras

 the ingredients.
chicken breast 

steam all in once

almost cook!

those frozen chicken, carrots and potatoes 

i mix it with the blended rice and boil them all at once!

walla ! 

got this texture.
suitable for baby 6m and above

the frozen blended rice

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