Thursday, April 9, 2009

the evening when i success

today, after few months i didn't hear that voice...
for the first time, i managed to hear it..with success!:)
i feel i am a winner (within my self) for that! i don't have to feel any bad anymore
after what happened last November. though "it" is still there ( i can't lie) but i am successful now!:)and i can managed 'it'!!!

thanks God, i received back what i lost before. i get the good friend back, Alhamdulillah. i trust YOU Allah in all the journey you've planned for me.
i put no more hopes for this one thing, cause it can only be true with 'doa' for the best to come for both of us.
may we lead a happy life with whoever u have fated us to be with=)
but, i'm grateful that i can manage it well now:)

if you read this-->Thanks 'Awak'..friends forever<--


  1. nak nyibuk2 jugak cakap kat athi, "FRIENDSHIP FORVER!!"


  2. alalalala cik kma..
    kite mmg frenshep for ever n ever pon!


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