Sunday, April 12, 2009

working worried!

its my first day in wangsa maju.
my first day staying in this house. Alhamdulillah, i feel comfortable in here.
this room is not too big or too small for me.
thanx to mak and ayah who provided me with all the first hand furniture for this room.
tomorrow, i will start working as processing geophysicist with cggveritas in klcc.
i am afraid and worried.
how should i say i'm coming for reporting duty?
how should i answer if they ask lots of weird questions?
am i wearing the right outfit tomorrow?
will i look confidence?
will i get to do hard work very soon?
how and how and how?
but this journey must start!
a friend of mine said, it is normal to be afraid and worried for the first day because if we think back since kindergarten..anything that is on first day/first time made us worried and, in order for me to enter this new chapter in my life..i must face this.
what am i concern much is about the job specification i will be assign..
being a student who majored in geology and now is going to work as geophysicist make me feel more worried.
i hope i can do the best.
i hope i can be a good and hardworking employee.
i hope i can suite well with the other employees in the company and also cope well with the employer/boses.
i hope i can make friends during my first day.

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