Sunday, May 17, 2009

Swinw Influenza H1N1

last night, for the first time after 4months, i stayed up for night line on tv3.
the news about H1N1 give a struck effect on my nerves. Recently in our country there are few cases..the first one in Sg.Buloh then in Penang. both coming back from States.
other than that, 2ppl are quarantine in Perlis as they came back from Thailand and show symptoms of this virus. this case is the latest case i read and heard from the news. while back in my hometown, in Bukit Mertajam Penang, another two ppl have been quarantine too due to the symptoms of the virus. as i am concerned, there will be more cases after this since the virus spreads easily..

ok, now let all of us have some basic knowledge on this H1N1 virus...

1918: First known as 1918 flu pandemic. but experts still not sure it been transferred in which direction. either from human --> pig, or pig-->human. the exact origin remain elusive.

1976: started on 5 feb 1976 when a US army died after a day complaining that he feel tired and weak.and it started to spread out. US government announced it as H1N1 virus showing similar symptoms

1988: another cases appeared with starting case of pregnant woman died after visiting hog barn.

1998: this virus spreads out withing pig populations throughout US and affecting birds and humans.

2007: outbreak news of this virus in Philippine

2009: Swine Flu outbreak this year.identified in April 2009, a month ago. earlier cases detected in spreads within Mexico city.

referring to wikipedia, the cases worldwide as seen in the map below:-

(those in black are areas with confirmed cases + death; those in orange are area with confirmed cases; yellow are area with unconfirmed affections)


1) In Human:

2) In swine:

for clearer image of the poster pls visit this link (

*i think this is one of the reason why Islam prohibited us from having any relations with pigs, either eating or touching them..not just them..everything related to them!)

ada ayat quran saying this, but i cant remember which surah..:D sorry..

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