Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Medical Geology ~Mining ~

Medical Geology is relatively new science. Actually, this subject is integrated many discipline which encourage in relationship between mineral on earth and health impact both human and animal.

Geology which study rocks and minerals construct the earth, process and its dynamic is a good information to obtain which sort of minerals probably harmful and in contrast makes benefit for life.

Since 1931 these studies have been developed. A lot of cases are identified for example the pandemics of certain diseases which caused by minerals contaminations. In fact, all of things in nature always make balance than if some of them are unstable the system will change.

Contamination of dangerous mineral such as heavy minerals (Cu,Pb,and Mercury) has effected human health lately. For those who live and high contamination water should be aware for their health. These heavy minerals come from waste industry or local mining then flow through the stream.

Once they contact with the animal,water, and plants, it undirectly comes to the ecosystem chain. Then, human as a consumer have the worsen effect of this phenomena.

However, not all those mineral mention on it are harmful for human health. In proportional dosage the minerals such as Fe,Zn, and other alkaline minerals are critical for our health. In detail example, Iodine in certain dosage could kill the bad micro-organism. Hence, it is used to clear the water for human consumption. The elements such as Fe, Zn and Sulphur, Phosphor can make our bone stronger. Osteoporosis is one kind of health problem related to the less consumption of those minerals.

In summary, medical geology is the good collaboration on science to address the management of human and animal health in terms of earth’s minerals to the future challenging both in research science and human health.

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  1. this is my presentation topic for comm skills unit mase 1st year. interesting tol!huhu

  2. really!?P not bad kan..
    tp athi xminat mining..so bad kan..
    im so into sedimentology thingy


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