Monday, July 13, 2009

mood tak baik ok-ok la

title mmg tak leh tahan kan..(g-wang jer):P tp takde kaitan pn dgn entry yg bosan ni

hurm..lots of things in my mind, tp not really in the mood of letting it out on this page. dun know why. entah.biar la tersimpan dalam hati jer kot sementara waktu.

arini i got the news regarding my flight tickets return from Singapore-Kuala Lumpur..will be away from Malaysia starting 2nd August 2009 and will come back on 7th November 2009. On the 5th August InsyaAllah I will be flying to U.S..(sangat tak sabar walaupun dalam hati berdebar-debar)...dari kecik ada perasaan nak pegi U.S...negara yang konon2nya sgt berperanan penting dalam pembangunan ekonomi dan sosial masyarakat dunia. mmg tidak dpt dinafikan kenyataan itu. tp tidak semua peranan yang mereka mainkan memberi impak positif pada negara kita khususnya.

I spent 4days in my hometown. Went back to Penang after work on the Wednesday evening and came back to KL on the Sunday afternoon. Everything went well during the holiday. Got enuf time to went out with my old friend, went out for movies at TGV Seberang Perai. Visiting my grandparents on both mum's and dad's side. Visiting my newborn cousin, Muhammad Akhtar Marican bin Muhd.Syukri Marican. singgah at our kebun eating rambutans direct from the tree. went out to Kuala Sepetang for delicious mee udang!!! and visiting my beloved brother, Amir at MRSM Transkrian. Oh! I miss them so much already.

Btw, I do talked about a so called problem or crisis happening in me to my parents. They do ask. which means they are concern on me.=) thanks mak, thanks ayah.

btw, gtg..not really in the mood of telling anybody yet. i just hoping august will come cepat2 and i can leave Malaysia for a while. so that my mind will be away from all the nasty simple problems which not even a problem pon actually...

Nyte all..

ps: btw...i learn about migration..pre-stack time migration at work rasanya my mind currenlty full with graph..equations, methods, techniques and procedures jer kot! BOSAN!!!!!
(sebab otak penuh dgn mathematical i put the graph that not even related to PSTM pon...)


  1. Hye dear..
    Ape yg kaco mood u nie? =)
    I nak jumpe u nie..Bile u free??

  2. salam..

    jaga diri bila tinggalkan malaysia nnt..:)

  3. nk ikut gi US... ='(
    huhu.. x pernah smpi.. insyaAllah one day.. nnt kite buat road trip sesame eh? mcm best je.. to europe.. or japan.. hehe~


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