Thursday, January 14, 2010

too much hope, so many things

i've been quite busy lately with my first processing project which dealing with 3D marine seismic in block PM308, offshore Peninsular Malaysia.

though I have no interest with this processing job but as times goes by, i have to face it choice maaa..but as long as money been cash in into my account each month and i have job, that will be more than enough for now.Alhamdulillah. other people may sees me as very lucky this whole 2009 but there are obstacles to face too. and they were unusually different. people sees that im lucky to get this job in a so called overseas company after being so called 'released' by petronas (which somehow a blessed and a disaster), got to go overseas for 3months training, got paid and further more got a project now..

And i let others say what they think bout my fate and how lucky i am. they have they right to feel good about it, or to envy me.. and as a friend, as a person, i don't mind telling them advices when they are in difficult situations like those i was in before.sometime i feel i am the choosen one, the selected one to face the obstacles that Allah always knows I can handle it.

As nature of a geology student, I am more interested in interpretation than processing. But i must admit processing give me different view of interpreting geological subsurface. and as i grown up (im turning 23 soon! gosh) and i viewed life in different ways from i viewed before, im thinking of teaching in university. i know it won't be as easy as i think.everything have obstacles but I will be in the world I belong too, the world I love too, and I will surely have more time for my future family.

I have so many things list up in my mind. I have so many plans to be done, I have so many hopes and I also have many responsibilities...other people have it as welll (but this is my blog, so I care for mine only)...but luckily I got very supportive and understanding parents, boyfriend, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews..i think, people can envy me on this part, i feel so lucky to be surrounded by them every day.

my wish before ending this entry is that, Allah will permudahkan everything lay down ahead of me and my future husband..and also to make it easier to my parents and brothers.

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