Thursday, December 31, 2009

welcome 2010, thanks 2009

31st December 2008:
I was practically homeless, staying with Kak Ira in Victoria Park...working as Sedimentary Lab Assistant in Curtin Uni, Perth for SouthWest Sulawesi Reservoir Project. Since it was the last day in 2008 and might be the last new year eve I celebrated in Perth, I decided to join the crowd to watch firework show along burswood park, swan river together with few girlfriends.
The warm brezzing perth summer's wind was really nice and I still remember the simple cream outfit I wore that night. It was one of the moment I cheerish by myself. I walked along swan river, enjoying the night view of Perth city, remembering all the hardship, happiness and good things I went through 2008. once the firework shows start, I closed my eyes and tried to throw away all the bad things happened to me in 2008 and wish for a better year in 2009, wish to be a useful person to my parents and brothers.I end up my 2008 and welcoming my 2009 all by myself though there were girlfriends around me, but honestly I cheerish the swan river firework by myself.

31st December 2009,
I go through my day as normal. goes to work, do all the work as a geophysicist in cggveritas, went out for lunch with officemate. I am not homeless now. I rent a house with friends in wangsa maju. I live in Kuala Lumpur now. No more warm perth's summer wind. it is all surrounded by humid, hot, un-cleaned air.there is no more firework to see. not saying that there is no such kind of celebration but i have no heart for it this year. i rather stay indoor than spending my final night in 2009 outside the house. though KL is in my country. i don't think i belong here. i belong to some other peaceful tranquil place like perth.but as I'm typing this entry, my mind is full of memories in 2009 which will keep in my mind forever. This is the year i really becoming an adult. a working lady.this is the year i meet my other half. this is the year that gives me lessons i can never have if i was somewhere else. this is the year i will never forget.

i have so much to jote down here.but it all left unsaid in my mind. i just can wish that 2010 will be as great as previous 22 years i've been living in this world. i don't ask for more than what a person need, but i wish that all the happiness i have, all the love i feel and all the good things that happened to me in 2009, stay as it is, improve as it should be. and i wish that all the bad lucks,all the bad memories in 2009 remains in 2009 and not following me in 2010.

with that, i will start 2010 with ikhlas in my heart to be a better person, a better daughter, a better girlfriend, a good wife in the future, a better employee and all my dreams come true.

here i put some pictures to remind me of few important things happened to me in 2009:
west virginia love
my family-the kids-
my happy supportive backbone

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