Friday, May 14, 2010

duh! what a hectic meaningful week

Salam to all, (macam la ada orang baca blog ni :p)

Friday already out of sudden. I dun even realize when is it Tuesday for this week tiba-tiba dah Friday. Does this make me sound very busy? Yes, in fact I am. sangat busy. Rasanya tak pernah kot se-busy ni sepanjang hidup. But its all a worth busy thing to do I recogn.

Still handling project for PM 308 Block A and B.currently my data(s) are already 97% undergoing final migration after has been through so many other processings steps to throw away the noise (define in geophysics). Have to prepare things for my client since he has to show some improvement on the data to his CEO.(then i have to do the work eh thogh tak kenal pon who is the CEO?)

Btw, its a blissfull Friday for me. Just finish a very short so -called interview with UMT. ALhamdulillah, I think I have done what I should. and InsyaAllah letter will come in to my address stating that I am now eligible and allowed to start my Master + Phd in Marine Paleontology or something related to marine geology, InsyaAllah (syukur). Initially, the interview is next Tuesday which of course I so cannot attend due to cannot take any leave this month because my leave for June has been approved straight from 9June -21June (lama tak? hahah..cuti kahwin katakan..wee~tak sabar tapi nerveous)

Okay, tonight will be heading back to Penang (Oh, rindu sangat!) naik air asia (hahha, bukan sebab banyak duit tapi sebab tiket murah + malas nak ke bukit jalil + boleh spend masa kejap dgn encik tunang sblm naik flight..then tmrw will do the interview for permohonan berkahwin. after that baru boleh submit all the borang permohonan berkahwin...after interview, got to go to meet person in charge with my hantaran decoration and nak discuss and go beli-beli all the decorations stuffs...(lagi sebulan, hantaran tak siap lagi...sempat ke ? )

okay-okay, that's all quick update dari saya.

lesson learn: tawakal + believe in ALLAH then you can handle thingsssss at a time. and be focus....hormatilah nasihat ibu bapa dan sayangi orang2 yg sayangkan anda

QUESTION:am i able to be this?

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