Friday, May 7, 2010

things in mind

1) wedding card proof get it done by today.dah lambat ni.tapi nasib baik this one is for extra2 only.

2) interview with Jabatan Agama Islam Pulau Pinang utk register permohanan berkahwin (interview date on 15th May)

3) To make sure all my migration jobs running well.and get 100% completion by next weekdays. And to do all the quality control.

4) To get velocity analysis *3rd phase* done by next weekdays (luckily client tolong this one)

5)what research to do for master and phd....--> of course la related to sedimentology...

6) to get myself well prepared and ready for my big day --> 35days to go

7) To get myself ready for that in******w...(where my dream will come true InsyaAllah)

*things currently in mind--> beaches,mangrove,coral reef,tsunami,sedimentation,migration,wedding!<--

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