Saturday, July 10, 2010

trip to bukit tinggi pahang

today both my husband n me went to bukit tinggi pahang. initially we plan for genting but as we checked the website, cable car to genting is due for maintanence from late June till late August.thus, plan to genting was changed for bukit tinggi.
we went out from the house after lunch and solat zuhur,i cook nasi goreng for lunch..(simple one)...from sentul we took duke to gombak and took karak. we went out at genting sempah R&R and follow the old road to bentong. we pass by Janda baik and perkampungan bukit tinggi ( purposely for ronda-ronda)..then back to karak highway and take exit to berjaya hills resort, bukit tinggi. the road was almost the same as road to cameron highland...the road condition was challenging ...
there were few places to visit on the top of the hill.but we just went to Colmar Tropicale with entry RM12 for adult (day pass)..honestly the weren't much to do and to see at Colmar Tropicale.they have hotels for those who interested to overnight there. They have few restaurants and for those with daily pass, will get 15 % discount at several restaurants. the view is nice and somehow it feels like in Europe either in France or in Portugal ( my husband's opinion since he has been to these two countries).....
there is also Japanese Tea House and Spa at the other side of the hills but we weren't interested to go in. we proceed back to KL at 5pm and reach home by 6.15pm..I was sleeping the whole journey, heheh...sebab i had a very bad headache due to the road condition from berjaya hills to karak..

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