Monday, July 12, 2010

world cup 2010

Mucho Gracias Andres Iniesta for crowning Spain as Champion for the World Cup 2010. Initially I wasn't interested in World Cup 2010 at all because the day world cup started was the day I got married (11 June 2010)..

so which girl in the world would pay more attention to the world cup rather than her biggest ever day in her life? My centre of attraction before and during 11June up to 19June 2010 was my wedding, both on my family's side and also my in-laws's side.

But after went back from honeymoon in Krabi, I started to be like my husband. I asked him to update the timetable for each match since he already put it on our house's wall. in fact on the living room's wall.haha. since my husband is the real fan of Spain and I have none of favourite team, so Spain turn out to be my team as well [ye ke? mula-mula nak sokong Brazil, but they are soooo not professional during this world cup =( ]

So. last weekend were spend only in the living room wacthing football macth between Germany vs Uruguay (this one I slept the whole game, since I have 100% confident Germany will won the game )....but for Spain vs Holland, I woke up at the same time as my husband and accompany him to watch the match. The macth was horrible (in my opinion) caused the Duthcers were so harsh towards the Spanish.After 30minutes wacthing, 5 yellow cards were given to the Dutchers...(what a game is that)...karate or what?..kasar nyeeee..

paling i dun like is de jong...picture below ni incident de jong sepak one of the Spain player...

so, the degree of dislikes to dutches was increasing last offense yer ...
flashing back through yearssss ago, first time i watch world cup match was in 1998, i was in Standard 5 and I accompanied my dad since my younger brother was in Standard 1 and my dad did not have any accompany. I remembered the match between France and Brazil where France won the game (I believed they won the game because of Zidane was playing for the country)...

In 2002, I was 15 and was preparing for my PMR. Studying in TKC made all students have to be in the preparation class from 8 to 10.30pm.but thanks to our Puan Rokiah (headmistress ) at that time, she gave permission to the whole college to cancel the prep class that night and all of us can watch football match at school canteen. =) I was there for the second half since me being nerd, still do my study up to 9.30 pm...the macth was between Brazil and Germany.And of course I was Brazil's fan.

2006 world cup-i was not interested. more focusing on my first year in university since i really2 wanted to fly overseas and have to get good results for that year. so no play-play in 2006.

2010=here i am, sleepy head after spain vs holland match last night ...zzzzz...

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