Tuesday, July 6, 2010

capturing memorizing moment

It was more than a month ago when I wrote down my countdown and now I am happily married to Abdul Halim Abdul Latiff.there is no other word to describe this except for Alhamdulillah. my life get far more meaningful after being a wife to the man I love so dearly.

The wedding ceremony went well for both sides in Penang and Terengganu. Even akad nikah and reception day in Penang was bless by rainy days, things went well and following the plan.Lots of friends and families come. I feel very happy that lots of Titans were there during my wedding.some of them even took bus from Malacca to Penang just to be at my big day. They even make road trips and took several days leave from work to celebrate me being a wife. Thanks all who come. Titans are always at my heart =) I even received a surprise visit from Soraya and Jojo.and even Fitri came all the way from Indonesia to celebrate me. Thanks all =)

Things are different now that I have some one else who take care of me and I have some body else to take care other than myself. It feels so much meaningful and excited that you know that at the end of the day, I have a shoulder to rely on and a heart that love me so dearly.


  1. selamat pengantin baru :)

    semoga berkekalan dan berbahagia hingga ke syurga

  2. selamat pengantin baru athi! semoga kekal hingga ke syurga. insyaAllah.. =)

  3. hehe.selamat pengantin baru jugak. may Allah bless both of u.amin.


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