Wednesday, August 18, 2010


i am bored. gosh! qc-ing the trace editing using a very slow version of expose make me sick.some more having a neighbour that is very not considerable to the condition of ramadhan (while he knows that i am fasting). he still eating the very nice smell chocolate bread and potatoes...(the smells make me feels hungrier but i believe it also increase the level of pahala i get,menguji keimanan ni)...

things i want to settle by this weekend:

1) clean the toilet.(last week i went back to penang, so tak sempat nak cuci toilet, weekdays balik2 keja will cook and lepas berbuka surely akan penat save it to weekend la)

2) buy new baju kurung for raya.

3) buy new sandal for my husband n me aka kasut raya kami

4)learn how to cook masak lemak.(en husband just request it, n i dun know how to cook it):P

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