Friday, August 6, 2010

i got a bun in my oven.

im bloating day by day.this bloating makes me happy and i don't mind changing my blouse from size 8 to size 12-14.

its because i got a bun in my oven (as what Amal said) that will makes my life complete and full.

oh dear baby, mummi and ayah cant wait to see u :)

and many thanks to ayah to be for all the understanding all through this 4weeks (and many more fantastic weeks to come) since im being super mood swinger...:P

ps: my fav magazine now no more cosmopolitan or pengantin or cleo. it's mummi and baby now. :)


  1. athie dear
    cant wait to see urs...
    my god athie...
    rase mcm baru smlm keluar kolej
    and now u r pregnant
    hope everything okay (both the baby n u )

  2. waa bestnye!
    congratz athi.
    nk kawin cpt gk ar cmni.=p


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