Friday, April 8, 2011

My very 1st Labour Experience (part 2)

Around 10.30am, 25th March I was admitted and went straight to the Labour room.I got LR 2. After change to hospital gown and get myself ready (as the contractions started to feel more harder), the midwife give 'ubat utk pergi toilet', less than 5min after the ubat, I went to toilet.

The midwife started to put water into my body through my left hand(induce).Starting from that contractions really feel hard and become more frequent...But I can still bare it. The feeling 'nak pegi toilet' always come here and there during the contractions. My husband went for Friday prayer and I was alone in the LR.As my contractions feel so strong, tears were rolling down my cheeks.Midwives came in to check me and gave me one injection to reduce my pain ( I think its pentadine)...It does help making me dizzy and sleepy for about 30-60 minutes. But as the painkiller running out my body, the contractions become sooo strong..

My husband came back from Friday prayer and I was still dizzy output of I keep asking him to go and eat something for lunch. I even bring 3 in 1 milo and some biscuits into the labour room, but the nurses did not allow me to eat (in case I go through c-section)..Television in the LR become so annoying as contractions making me 'rasa nak tendang katil'..The only person I want to be with at this time is my husband. Lucky me he was there through out the process. He hold my hands, recite doa and zikir to my ears, help me finish my doa as contraction waves burst and I can't even finish the doa.

Midwives suggest me to take etanox (laughing gas) to reduce the pain. I did take the extanox. I think it does help but I still feel the contractions waves.. Oh Allah, only You know how painful it is to deliver a person into this world. At 6 pm, my cervic only dilate to 8 cm. I still have to wait for another 2 cm for the the baby to be out. But unlucky me, my baby's head was not crowning yet at 8cm. Doctor suggest me for emergency c-section as I was in labour for nearly 9hrs. At this time, I can't even think of anything just to let this baby out of my uterus and get this pain finish.. As I look into my husband eyes, we both agree to go for operation. Tears rolling down my cheeks again this time, for not making my way till the end of normal delivery. My husband was so supportive by saying it's ok as long as baby and me is safe. Midwives also help me to reduce my sadness.

at 10-15minutes past 6pm, I was transferred to operation theatre with contractions become so strong and I feel like shouting to the nurses to make this faster. The last thing I remember was asking forgiveness from my husband before I was fully 'bius' for the c-section operation. Alhamdulillah, at 6.58pm, Ilyaas Hafiy bin Abdul Halim was safely delivered. My husband took him for reciting Azan and I was still in the operation room for the stitches. At 8pm, I woke up from my 'bius' and the pain of being cut by knife feels so strong. I saw my dad's face, my mum's face and I hear my husband's voice next to me. I was asking where's my son to everyone with the pains left from the operation.

I can't remember what time, but the moment nurse send my son to me, and my mum put him next to me, all the pains were gone! honestly I didn't feel any of the pain once I see his face and touch his soft red skin. I try to breastfeed (bf) by laying down on the bed.. It's not easy but looking at his face searching for my milk, I tried to ignore the pains and let he sucks my nipple for his very first food in this world.

As I was still dizzy and sleepy due to the operation, nurse took him back to the nursery that night and the pains from the cut started to feel stronger again. I really think (maybe only my mind) that keeping him near to me will reduce the pain. My mum accompanied me that night as my husband also tired after what we have go through that day.

Alhamdulillah, even though I did not deliver my son normally, but I do feels how painful the contractions were, and in fact, I double feel the from the contractions , 2nd from the cut in c-section. (Oh my, only Allah knows).
The most important thing is my son is safe. Alhamdulillah.

*after the op, find out that my son's head was turning out a bit from the cervical tunnel, that's why he did not crown and his umbilical cord was on his face, makinh harder for him to make his way through my tunnel*


  1. hehe..comel kan kak athie time baby carik nipple first time nak breastfeed...dulu penah tgk time oncall preclinic..comel gilos..

  2. sgt comel tp sekali die ngap sgt sakit

  3. baru terbace entry ni..
    gagah betul athi ni
    mase aishah bersalin, ade sorang mummy ni c-section juga tapi 3 hari yang awal tu dia x bf bb die sbb die ckp sakit gile nak mengiring

  4. aishah, thanks:)
    bukan lah gigih sgt, tp perasaan sbg ibu tu, since dah tau pregnant mmg berazam nak bg baby minum my milk, no matter how.selagi diizinkan NYA.
    alhamdulillah, sakit c-sect tu mmg la sakit, sgt Allah permudahkan, time menyusu, sakit tu hilang..lepas habis menyusukan Ilyaas, sakit datang balik.


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