Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fenugreek and my breastfeeding journey

If reading back this post, I am still having the same thoughts though. Sampai bilakah susu ni akan bertahan untuk keperluan Ilyaas? Until when? I really hope I can provide him the best milk in the world until he is 2 years old. But, my milk production is lessen day to day. Or if not lessen, it is less ( a lot less!) than before..before here is referring to first 6 months of my breastfeeding journey.

My freezer is no longer occupied by EBM. My stocks only last for about 3 days only at this time. It is really worrying moment for me. Then, I tried feeding Ilyaas with formula milk. I tried few times, and never success. Worst thing he refuses to even drink ebm from bottle because he assumes milk in bottle is not tasty. He thoughts milk in bottle is formula milk =( Sad. Seeing that, I know I need to do something.

Then, I learn about fenugreek. A natural milk booster!

Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) appears to be the herb that is most often used to increase milk supply. It is an excellent galactagogue, and has been used as such for centuries. In one study of ten women, "the use of fenugreek significantly increased volume of breastmilk [source]

I then tried taking fenugreek pills for about one month and examine the changes occur. Here would be my result of taking fenugreek.

Previously, my milk production was lowered down until only 8-9 oz a day,after two pumping sessions. It was way to meet Ilyaas need. So, after taking fenugreek pills, my production stars to increase from 8oz to 10oz to 11oz to 12oz and sometimes up to 14oz a day, after two pumping sessions. All I can say is, Alhamdulillah. Even though it is not 'meriah' as my early 6 months of breasfeeding, it is now can meet up with  Ilyaas' everyday needs. Now my ebm stocks improved from 3days to 7 days. I hope I can maintain this for a while, until Ilyaas can take formula milk without any hassle.

I have checked on the market, and the only pharmacy that sells only fenugreek pills (without other ingredients) is GNC Live Well. The price if I'm not mistaken is RM64.90 for 100 pills. For myself, I bought it online from MumShoppe at price of RM54 for 150 pills. Btw, fenugreek is halba in malay.

Hopefully this help to settle down some panic mothers who are concern on their milk supplies.

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  1. time ajmal dulu, badan akak sesuai dgn kari. so, akak mkn kari kat kedai mamak (nasi kandar-kuah campur...:) utk bnyak kan susu...

    time aqil plak, badan akak sesuai dgn, mkn cheese je la...:)

    good luck..jgn cepat mengalah..terus kan perjuangan.


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