Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thank You Huggies =)

Hello fromInline image 1   !!

Hey there, firstly, thank you for participating in our Huggies Dry Pants Blogger Contest earlier this year!
Secondly,  Congratulations!! Your entry caught the judges' attention and your post is the Consolation Prize Winner of this contest!
You have won yourself:
2 months' supply of Huggies Dry Pants

The prizes will arrive at your doorstep soon. Stay tuned!  

Have a happy Huggies weekend!

Janet & Hui Jun
IN. Deed Communications
"In word and in deed"

Alhamdulillah ....

Macam tak percaya pun ada gak... sebab first time join blogger contest yg besar camni, tetibe leh listed as pemenang pulak. Walaupun bukan pemenang utama, dapat saguhati pun dah happy dan syukur sangat. 

Dapat suppy 2 bulan pampers...hooooyeaaaahhhhhhhhh

Entry pasal pampers huggies drypants ni ditulis early of this year....

Ilyaas jadi model, tp pampers yg 2 bulan ni kita mintak untuk adik la ye... 

Thank You jugak kat Nuffnang sebab bagi chance tulis sponsored post ni. Cheque pon dah dapat...hehehehhe


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