Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Guts for 2014


It's 3rd day of 2014 and the first Friday of the year. 
Warga Johor dah mula bercuti hari ni. Join warga Kedah, Kelantan dan Terengganu bercuti pada hari Jumaat. 

Well, to begin the new year, I personally think it's good to write down your dreams, your desires and your wishlists for the next 365 days. InsyaAllah, kalau panjang umur dan di izinkan Allah, kita akan bertemu lagi tahun baru selepas 2014 nanti. 

As for myself, I did not write any of my dreams on paper for Year 2013, because I was actually afraid I will feel like a loser if I can't achieved those dreams. And I was actually not sure what I want for last year. I felt like malu pada diri sendiri bila yg ditulis tak tercapai... :( 

For this year, my main aim is to finish my master, InsyaAllah. and for my husband to finish his master too. 

And we will see what comes after that.

Along the way, I hope that I can develop a healthier balanced lifestyle for my family. We should eat more greens and do more exercise. Perhaps, both husband and myself kena start drinking milk for the sake of our tulang, and also makan oat every morning for the sake of our healthy hearts. For this purpose, I am wishing to have a healthy basket in the house. well, nak beli all these healthy food and supplements, we need lotsa money! So, have to aim for more money too lah.

where I will keep all my wishlists for this year
and keep my days organize

Few more wishes and resolutions are listed in my planner apart from the two I mention above. Would rather keep them secret in the planner and not publishing it here.. *segan*

So, from now on, have to work hard to realize those dreams. 

Happy New Year to all readers. For the whole last year 2013, if I had write anything that make some of you feel uneasy, I am deeply sorry for that ya...

Let's make sure we start our day with a doa mintak dimurahkan rezeki, dilindungi Allah dan di rahmatiNYA....


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