Friday, December 23, 2016

Iyaadh is about to start solid food

It's almost time. I have to accept this, that my youngest is approaching 6 months old in a week time.
(Typical mum, get so emotional with this good development) and he will start solid soon. No longer 100% depending on my breast milk.

Despite me being a mother of three, when it comes to big milestone like this, I will always become a lit bit anxious and excited. Actually, I have bought one pack of brown rice and banana cereal. Just in case Iyaadh looks very hungry, I plan to give him a taste of that. But deep inside me, I feel a bit of rasa bersalah because I should let him eat with what ever I prepared from scratch at least for the first time in his life. Ok, here comes the drama again. hahahah.

We have actually prepared his dining seat. Of course the one that we bought 6 years ago for Ilyaas. and was used by Imani too. 
This time around we add on the soft cushion for this dining seat so that Iyaadh will feel more comfortable. 

Iyaadh and his parents. 
That's my baby.

This time around, preparing baby food is not that difficult with what I have experienced. but I am longing for baby food processor too, because..

1. I never used one before this. so, I should be using it now because Iyaadh might be my bongsu. 
2. I already have two elder kids who also need my attention. So, by using baby food processor, it will ease food preparation for Iyaadh, at the same time and I can still cook for the elder two. 
3. I want to provide homemade food for my baby at least until he is 1 year old (and more Insha Allah), so, I think this baby food processor will help me to achieve my goal. 
4. I only have hand blender. Which I use for making sambal belacan and bawang blend. I should not mix this hand blender for my baby's food. 

See, I have to make some clarifications to own the baby food processor. (Mr Husband pls read this) :P 

Malaysian brand. 
read many good reviews for this Autumnz. 
Price at Lazada about Rm179...

The others, I found it in an international website , mentioning that they are 12 best food processor for Year 2016

The Squeeze Machine ni pun menarik. 
Husband pon berkenan this one...

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