Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Langkawi 2018 Day 2 - SkyCab @ Cable Car

Hi you all, 

Jom sambung cerita holiday kat Langkawi. 
On day 2, we all semua bangun awal. Lepas subuh takde sambung golek2 tidur lagi, anak2 pon bangun awal sebab dah inform dorang sebelum tidur that we have to get ready early untuk naik cable car. After all, cable car ni one of the most attraction yg paling popular dekat Langkawi, memang confirm orang akan sangatlah ramai. So, kitaorg atur strategi utk arrive as early as we can. Usually opening hours dia at 9am, tapi sebab cuti sekolah, dia bukak at 8.30am. 

Bertolak from De Baron Resort dalam pukul 8.10am. Kitaorg breakfast roti dalam kereta je. Memang x amik pakej breakfast dekat hotel. We reach Oriental Village around 8.40am. 
Dekat sini ada 2 jenis parking zone. Primer parking yg lebih dekat jaraknya dengan Oriental Village while normal parking RM3 for the 1st hour lepas tu kena charge RM1. 
Yg primer parking tu RM10 utk per entry. Sesuai la kalau korang bawa orang kurang upaya, or warga emas. 

Walking to the oriental village
all exited nak naik cable car

I have bought our cable car ticket (including the package) from the Tripcarte.Asia

Actually we all beli Langkawi Cable Car Basic Combo 

 SkyCab Combo Basic

This basic combo includes

+ Access to Cable Car with Standard Gondola
+ Access to 3D Art Gallery
+ Access to SkyRex
+ Access to SkyDome

They are other packages for Langkawi Island holiday that can be found from this website. 
Check the below link:

the best thing purchasing from this website is no reservation time/date required and the tickets are valid for 6 months. 
Kalau beli from website Cable Car sendiri, kena letak date utk redeem. 

Main reason buying from this website is to avoid the long queue. We just need to bring this email and show them the QR code. No need to print, but I do print in case something went wrong with my hp. 

For those who had bought their online ticket, just proceed to Counter No 6 to redeem your ticket. 

We all dapat boarding time at 9am. So, no long que at all. 

One whole family 

Mine me and me
This little girl of mine, love you so much syg.

the boys 

at the 1st pit stop, middle station. you can choose to keluar dari cable car and amik gambar dekat sini dulu or boleh stay inside your cable car and teruskan perjalanan ke top station.
we did not go out the cable car.
Kitaorg malas nak turun sini sbb nanti kena beratur nak boarding semula utk ke top station. 

Top Station view

Sorry Iyaadh sayang,Umi and Ayah feeling2 honeymoon..:)

From the top station, you can have your breakfast at their cafe. Also, boleh purchase ticket utk ke SkyBridge. Harga tiket ke SkyBridge cuma RM5 per person, through Nature Walk where you have to walk/climb a bit the staircase for about 300m to the SkyBridge.

Otherwise, boleh choose utk naik SkyGlider. The price I am not sure sgt sbb we all mmg option for Nature Walk, coz both of us love the nature.

Nature Walk to SkyBridge

At the skybridge

Along the way mmg ada information board related to this geoheritage and the infrastructure

the glass bridge

kena take off your shoes before you can step on the glass.

only few parts of the bridge are made of the glass. 

with my youngest baby

MashaAllah, You are the Creator of this world!
Superb view from the top.
It was windy and breeze and the sun just set up, so we really enjoy our experience up there. the tips is, pergi awal pagi!

Picture take by Imani Hafiyya

Since we did not have a proper breakfast, so we did have a short breakfast stop on the skybridge!

my children. 

He is so cool. tak gayat langsung.

By the time we reach down at the entrance of the skycab, the lines are getting longer. It was aboud 10.45am when we reached down.

Along the way sepanjang dekat skycab and skybridge, akan ada banyak photo points, where the staff will take our family photo and print it. they also print it on mugs, thumblers, etc. the price is of course a bit pricey. and you can choose to buy all of them in combo package or you can also choose not to buy. it's up to you but just bare in mind, since before boarding sampai la dekat nak turun, mmg banyak offers for our photos printed on the merchandise + frame. 

Ok that's all for skybridge. lepas ni we all pergi 3D musuem and SkyRex pulak. 

stay tune. 


  1. Yeayyy thanks for this entry. Tgh plan nak bwk budak2 pi langkawi sb ade direct flight from kch now.

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  3. salam,,boleh ke bawa masuk stroller dalam gandola?


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