Monday, June 11, 2018

8 years!

Alhamdulillah, today is our 8th years anniversary!

Masha Allah.

All the praises to Him, for lending this guy to by my husband for the last 8 years, and Insya Allah till the end of my life, and shall be meeting him again in Jannah.

To be honest, it's end of Ramadhan and both of us are very occupied with our daily agenda, reciting Quran, go to work, doing our responsibilities at home and in the office.

I squeeze some time to prepare this video so that at least we can do a little throwback to see how far we had go together as husband and wife.

We went to Pakeeza for buffet ramadhan two days earlier to treat ourselves with indian food and the kids also enjoyed it.

No more fancy gifts, fancy wishes. We are trying to save for our 10th year anniversary! insya Allah one major travel trip for us and the kids. semoga all of us panjang umur, sihat dan dirahmati Allah selalu.

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