Monday, December 22, 2008

my week b4 X-mas 08

My last post was related with my feeling and it stays like that for now...somehow, I hope it can be change sooner or later..iAllah..just let the time knows what will happen and I believe Allah has a greater better plan for my life...I'm no one, just a normal human I must lead my life the same as others...only in my own way and face all the problems, happiness and everything in ways that it should be...

in these few weeks, I swim a lot with my friends..Kak Hanisah (who needs to do some exercises in water since she is 9months pregnant) and also wif Fitri (my Indonesian friend)..I managed to teach Fitri how to swim with help from Kak Hanisah... and I really enjoyed swimming with them.. and realized that I love swimming more than jogging..maybe because I was into jogging and running since I was in primary school (my first running competition was in 1996-9 years old for Majlis Sekolah2 Pulau Pinang) so now its time for me to change my interest..but not to say that I don't like jogging..still one of my fav pastime..just dat jogging demand me to use more energy..hahaha..too lazy for that now..Btw, since i like swimming now,plus it is summer..i becoming a little bit worries!as long as i enjoy and feel fit!

Oh, btw, both of my flatmates went back to Malaysia and Indo already, so I asked Fitri to sleep at my house and both of us spend good time here.We take turn for cooking and do the korean movies and sleep all day long..but Fitri need to finish her thesis..we also walk a lot to burn some fat....i nak kurus lagi!!:P

and today, i just came back from jetta at weshpool..baru hantar my belongings for shipping by air to penang airport..ok la..not bad service jetta..harga pun reasonable la barang banyak jugak ok..61kg..hahaha..and the total including insurance + security + airport tax was not more than $300...but u need to do few things before that:-
1) Survey all the shipping company available at your place (Jetta, Exportair, Pack n Send etc)
2) Call and asked them for the shipping rate to your place
3) Fill in Malaysian Custom Form and get university stamp
4) Get you letters of completion in study from uni (to prove that u finish study and can get discount at Malaysian Custom)
5)Find good boxes..good and strong..
6) Beli selotape yg kuat lg mantap (available at post ofis or officework)
7) print the packing list
8) Do ur packing dgn bagus..don't sumbat2 or campak2
9) Wrap the boxes with the mantap strong selotape
10) Label your boxes and bags and put sender/receiver/contents label on the boxes

Oh yes, yesterday Fitri, kak yosfi and me went to city to just jalan2 and take pictures of x-mas tree in the city..not bad! walaupun sedikit suram bcoz it was weekend evening and after 5pm, so not much ppl around the city..i wish perth get snow this year...(which will be very2 impossible to happen) becoz this land ( i mean OZ) celebrate x-mas in summer! not the same as what i saw in movies should be related to snow! and winter! hehe..but its ok..not much ppl in the world get the chance...! heheh..X-mas in summer only in Australia and New Zealand..
X-mas tree is still available, Santa also available, lights and decoration are still the same..presents and all the celebrations are still the same...and BOXING DAY!!! is still AVAILABLE for SALES & DISCOUNTS!!!! so...not much regret except there is NO SNOW for the x-mas....

Btw, I also get the chance to go to WA Museum wif Sarah last Wednesday...not bad and good for
kids like her..for me, not dat much interesting things to view..the rocks that I've study..the minerals etc were there for display..but its good for kids to that they can choose their interest...ada display for science, minerals, tectonic, insects, animals, aboriginal ppl (the thing that i want to know tp tetap xpaham)..the trip to museum was good overall since i get to know sarah more...we took bus to karawara and walked back to aunty mimi's house..and it was sarah's 2nd time taking the bus...! a good experience for her! and we also ate JAWS Sushi at city before is superbly delicious! sangat2 delicious! tp harganya juga
sagt menarik perhatian*mahal amat*

Ok..that is how i spend my week before x-mas..besok im going to do blood donation...*sedikit takut* sbb this is my 1st iAllah everything will be fine..I'll tell the experience in the next entry..*tlg doakan sy berjaya* amin....wif dat...Assalamualaikum=)

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  1. eh? kak athi swimming kat mn ek? mcm interested la plak nak g swimming next yr~ :D


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