Sunday, December 28, 2008

-Boxing Day Heat-

WARNING: this entry is long! if u like shopping, u can read it=)

What is Boxing Day?

My definition : A day when everyone gather in front of shopping complexes and shops from early in the morning till the it close! it makes people become 'rambang mata' and don't care bout how much money they spend...
The Dictionary definition : A public holiday, on 26th December every year especially in UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong and countries in the Commonwealth of Nations with mainly Christian population.

So, this year, it is my first time experiencing Boxing Day since I stayed for summer break in Perth.

26 Dec 2008:
9.30am, take bus to Perth City..arrive at 9.45am, directly go to MYER...(lots of people already lining up) esp in front of David Jones, MYER, Valley Girls, Guess Boutique, Prouds jewellary shop etc2..
Wait until 11am in front of MYER bcoz shops open at 11am...listen to MP4 and look at people behaviours...most of them including me look very excited and can't hardy wait for the shops to open!
11am.the door open!!!people are running everywhere in the shop to get the things the want! most of the products are 40-60% off..but still its in MYER and David, must be still mahal for me..esclator in MYER stop working after 15minutes the shop open because too much customers at one is really a lot!! my friend in David Jones told me that few policemen come to settle down some people who are fighthing for clearance products!
after 30minutes in MYER, I can't stand the crowd anymore! Go out for Nine West Boutique..still close, they open at just walk around the shops in city..Bought $9 handbag for my mum in Rockmans and also $9 big size blouse for my aunty. Went to Guess Boutique, need to line up from the outside..n too crowded in the shop.I can't manage to find anything since lots of people are rushing and shouting.
Then, go back to Nine West! OMG!! people are running everywhere in the boutique and a very long que can be seen from outside..find a new design handbag, with Kme's opinion...i took it!!=) Yaayyy!!! that's my first ever Nine West product! and it is 40% off=)
Went to Harbour Town..have lunch with Kebab..go to Fila, Adidas and Adidas walking shoes but sadly my size is Nike, the design doesn't satisfied i bought a blue Amelia ladies walking shoes after 50% off discount.and also a Fila long sleeve after 80% off!!!
Went to Valley Girl and Temt...bought two new so called dress/ shirts for $19..and not to forget, Levi's Boutique is also having their sale 50% off storewide..but since the line for fiting room is very2 long (until out of the shop)..I don't dare to stay any longer in the shop=( sad..

27 December 2008:
Second day@ second round shopping..take bus at 11am to aim for buy a gift for my dad in David guy friend told me lots of branded shirt are on sale, first destination is David Jones...but very sad...I did not manage to allow my self to even take the escalator to guy's section since my friend and I spend more than two hours in ladies section only...because the sales are crazy..or it makes us crazy..i bought three winter shoes for my has the lamb skin/fur and it is less than $20...lots of branded shoes like rockport are on sale as well..then, went to accessories section: OMG!!! everything is less than $5 and its in David Jones!!! loving it!! I bought 2 bracelets, 1 necklace , 1 earings and my friends bought all in total 15 accessories!=)
then we went for lunch at TAKA Japanese Food..and take bus to Harbour Town again since Fitri wants to buy new sport shoes for her brother and also her own running shoes. So, she bought new design Adidas Running shoes that has been discaounted for 60% and Fila sport shoes, which has been discounted for 70%! Fitri and Yosfi also bought external hard disk at Harvey Norman..and I bought two MP3 player for $20 for my brothers..Not to forget, I manage to get Colorado Wallet for my dad for $39.and Yosfi found her new Sandal in Rivers the end of the day..everyone is tired! but feels satisfied..

Honestly, I feel like having a field trip but this time not measuring rocks's sturcture..but measuring how much the discount had reduced the price and not carrying rock samples in my bag pack...but carrying my shopping!!!! after all, its a good practice for my next field trip:P oh..
I LOVE SHOPPING but it makes me BROKE!!!!

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