Thursday, December 11, 2008

the Years

For now, i have nothing else to do except for sleep + wake up and have shower + eat@cooking + watching movies + listening to music + chatting with friends + reading story books ...

But, honestly, I'm enjoying doing this...since previously, I don't really allowed myself to do and feel all the activities listed above but now, I feel like I'm the character in a novel I read or even a movie I watched...I admit that my saving is not that much, just enough to live 'sekadar ala kadar' but some how, my daily activities make me at least up dated to certain movies and songs that I don't even care to know previously... I think its worth it for me not to taking care those things before this. Yeap, true some friends said I am 'ulat buku' or maybe 'work too hard' on books ( i mean text books)...but now, I think its all worth it, Alhamdulillah..I'm satisfied with the result.Its not too good but it enough to make me think that Allah membantu hamba-hambaNYA yg will always remain in my mind..

this is only the experience I faced/ have before I can relax and write this entry.

2005-I took different path from some of my friends in KDU (the place where I do my university preparation for 1 year). I said it different because, I didn't get the chance to further my study in Petroluem Engineering as I supposed to when Petronas gave me the offer. I did Geology.. and I said it different because I went to Miri for 1year... There is no regret at all for this path that I've taken since in the end, we all end up in the same place and get the same oppurtunities, in fact..I realize I got more in some ways.

2006-When I didn't get the result that allow me to fly to Australia/ New Zealand in 2006...I was down. emotionally..but it wasn't long, I'm lucky to have parents and family who understand and very supportive. I made a decision to keep on walking and just follow what will happen next. I decided to change course to Geology since Petronas wanted to send me to Curtin Miri. I realized I have no interest in engineering. When I took my flight to Miri, it was my first time taking flight (honestly)...I know this will made lots of changes in my life..and it does! in lots of ways. I found new friends, new environment, start my uni life and I do enjoy my one year life in Miri. It was nice and great. With a mind that acts as a 19years old kid, I cheerish every moment in Miri. Thank You to people involve in my 1 year in Miri. It wasn't a persinggahan, it is really a journey of my life. I learn friendship, love, intergrity, kindness, and Islam.

2007-I'm here, in Perth. I can't imagine how much I made my dad proud of me since I'm the first one in his family to fly to overseas to continue study...By looking at his small eyes, I can cry...He is very2 proud. Ayah, its for u..Mak, its for u..I'm sorry it was delayed by one year but this is my path. Studying overseas is different from studying in my own country. Totally different. The lectures are great, approachable, and very-very understanding. The reference materials are better, easily get. The time management in university planner is better..I always keep the track of lots of activities happening in uni, in geology department apart from studying. This doesn't mean that Malaysian universities are bad.. they aren'.. in fact they are better in many ways..but as I started my first year in Curtin Miri and my batch was the 1st geology bacth..only us know the challenges there*! 2007 flies very fast. Alhamdulillah..I completed my second year degree with good standing.

2008- Still in Perth. A little changes in my life.Moved to new apartment closer to Perth City..closer to Swan River..totally different environment from 2007. My daily routine changes and I spend more time in uni. getting more serious with study.I admit this but I also allow some time for myself to enjoy life with friends and contributing to clubs etc2.. an amazing unexpected thing happened to me early of this year..Alhamdulillah..I completed my promised to Ayah with the award I received from second year(2007). Honestly, this give me lots of courages to keep on working for 2008. I really2 enjoy this year.thank u friends, thank u classmates, thank u lectures...Now, as the result is other word can described what I feel...I'm so glad...This is again for my Mum and my Dad...They sacrifice a lot! A LOT! TOO MUCH for me...*the tears and thoughts are for both of you* and also to my brothers..

11 dec 2008- i'm counting the days to go back to the place where I my my my family..Thank You Allah...You save me when I almost drown and you still blessed me with all the happiness and kindness in this world... All the years I've gone thorugh..You gave me lots of experiences..good and bad...happy and sad..nice but and hate..struggle and makes me today.



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