Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Great swimming Experience

Saturday, 3rd Jan 2009....

I went to Mandurah with Kak Zie and her kids,Aunty Fauziah, Aunty Ecah, Aunty Ani and her friends and also Aunty Natiya...seems like my trip this time is full with aunty2..but somehow Kak Zie's kids (Harriz, Amira, Aisyah and Amir) and also Aunty Fauziah Nieces (Nada and Nabilah) have become a good company for me even they are younger than me...
Kak Zie pick me from my apartment at 6.30am and we went to her house in Canning Vale.Then all the aunties gather at her house and we went to Mandurah around 8.00am..arrive there at 9.00am.
Start my first experience for crabbing.unfortunately, the crabs are all smaller than the size that fishery department's limit (125cm)..so all of us decided to come again in two weeks time when all of the small crabs have been growing. but we stay at that area (if im not mistaken its Peel Region) until 2.30pm..we had lunch under the sunshed and pray along the beach.

Then we went to Mandurah North-South harbour for ice cream and coffee stop. While we were enjoying our ice cream on the so called jetty, there are few people swimming from their boat.the kids and I are interested to look at them and been impressed by how deep the water was (wondering)...they invite us to join them to swim from their boat. they are actually a group of farmers from the suburb, and one of them (an old man) own the boat.so the took new year off and spent holiday on the boat.how lucky am i that i've been invited to swim from their luxury boat!=)

I was totally enjoying my swimming experience this time!...G.R.E.A.T + S.U.P.E.R.B...I cant describe it with words! At the 1st time, I was really afraid since I didn't learn swimming from any of swimming classes or professionals...I learn how to swim from my dad when I was kid and I stop swimming for quite some time. But during this summer break, I regularly swim in my apartment's pool, so I guest that help me. As I jump from the boat, I said Bismillah...(sungguh cuak dan takut) since I never know how deep it was..I fall in the sea/water and wait for few seconds before I goes up into the surface (sedikit panik since it take longer than my usual tenggelam in the pool)..but after that, I start swimming, floating and jumping all over again with the kids and also the farmers. It wasn't that deep. Just 10 feet=3.05m, but deeper than normal swimming pool! we spend nearly one hour in the sea and I really2 glad that I enjoy it so much!

After swimming, we heading for fishing at south Mandurah and I learn how to fishing from Kak Zie. I got one herring that night. Aunty fauziah fry few crabs that we managed to catch during the morning and we eat it. delicious! she also cook some maggie mie for the kids.we went back to perth at 12.30am and i slept over at Aunty Fauziah's house that night. and go for 2more hours swimming again the next day with Nada and Nabilah at Aunty Fauziah's pool.


  1. siyesly best giler.konpius lak. athi sorg aje ke x blk?

  2. wow!. sounds so interesting ha! :)


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