Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cik Siti's Update

omlong time tidak bertemu internet...( long for ppl who stay in first world country like ausie)..two exact weeks without internet.

- Now..saya refugee..dgn bangganya saya mengumumkan bahawa diri saya sekarang ialah seorang refugee, yg tidak mempunya alamat rumah dan tidak mempunyai tpt tinggal yg tetap---

-weekdays: Kak Ira's apartment at KingGeorge St, Victoria Park

-Weekend: Either Aunty Fauziah's, Amal Nadiah's or Adila's house...all around Bentley and Leeming, Perth...

- Lucky, dpt kerja with very good supervisor..:)

- Counting the days for the big day (12th February)...my graduation and of course before that the arrival of my parents to Perth:) for the first time:) I nak make sure mak and ayah will enjoy their short trip here:) but so sorry, its summer...really HOT..

- I decided to forgive and forget..now i feel better..and I'm moving on well:) Alhamdulillah...just put aside the memories...it will be experiences some day...for me to laugh and to think and to make sure it becomes a reminder about what is life is all about

-i miss Heirisson way.i miss swimming there..and also in the sea..


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