Monday, January 12, 2009

woshwosh-fushfush feeling

im at curtin library now. ok, my life change dramatically! first now i dun have a house.means dat i dun have my own house's i live with the sympathy of my friends from now on..thank u to dila and also kak iera because they willingly provide me a shelter for another one month that i gonna stay in perth. Alhamdulillah. and i miss my heirisson house..i just came back from morley to drop off the house keys and it feels sad that im no longer belong to heirisson...ok-ok, dun be to emotional baby (say myself)

second-moyra just send me an e-mail stated that i can start working with her starting this week.since the equipment needed for porosity and permeability measurement arrived this morning at geology department. Alhamdulillah. I thought I will forever be a 'penganggur' in perth. so i told her that I can start working this Thursday since tmrw Kak Ira will be back from Indo and on Wednesday we need to move in into her new house, I must help her.So, Thursday is the latest that I can make it.

third, ini sangt stupid and i dun think i can share, lantak la, ini blog i can write anything i want right? hmm..i want to move on tp sungguh tak mampu..any suggestions kawan2? but dun get me wrong, im living my life really well and glad for that.just di dalam hati masih mencuba sedaya upaya even always nampak spt gagal sahaja *excuse my rojak language*

fourth, i need to berjimat cermat..skrg skolar sudah tidak ada, makanan sudah tidak ada and tidak bekerja..hanya menunngu Moyra bg duit bila dah stat keja, itupun will receive it when my parents already here,, sungguh2 perlu berjimat cermat..dahla harga barang dkt Perth ni mahal2 belaka!adoiii...

ok dats all for now...keep holding on baby=)

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  1. erk. ouh. it will need sometime to really get over evrything. and its not stupid kay. :P Just give urself sometime, don't think about it. like many other broken hearts, urs will heal. trust me. :)


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