Saturday, February 7, 2009

the unknown

What’s waiting for me out there? I never know but I always intend to know. My heart keep bumping and wondering what are waiting for me in the real world out there. Today is 7th February 2009. I have 8 more days left to live in Perth, Australia. I’ll go back to Malaysia on 15th February 2009, taking MAS Flight at 5.30pm from Perth International Airport to KLIA.

The questions that keep on coming in my mind lately are…

What is working life is about? Will I be once more nerdy, staring the computer screen from 8am-5pm every day?

Do I have to come to office on the weekend? This is a ridiculous! No life at all if the answer is yes..

Wait, where will I be posted? KLCC? Miri? Please not again..Kerteh? Kuantan? Melaka? Labuan? KK???

But before that.. Will I get work with Petronas?hmmm…

When can I continue my study again? Believe it or not, after 3months without books, without lectures and assignments, I feel bored! Somehow, my life revolved around study life since I was 5 years old…

*Wish I can continue my Master after few years working

* But I also wish I settle down first before that. But it’s all in Allah’s plan.

What will happen to me? To Imran, Amir and Izzat in five years time? Ayah will pencen by then…

Futute is so unpredictable..Oh Allah, guide me to the right path. Show me the right way. Meet me with the right person. And please give your bless to me in my journey. I pray for you for the best to come in my life…Amin.


  1. rilex atie!hehe.btw enjoy ur graduation day.12th eh? n selamat pulang nnti.=]

  2. athi, its a cruel world out there. kalau pandai jaga diri, insya Allah ok. but you shouldn't have any prob with it. all the best sis :)


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