Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Something to gain with

Athi Loves,

You should be strong..stronger than you ever been before. No matter what happens, life must go on. Your journey in life just started and this is how it starts. You must never regret of this because Allah choose you for this reason. He will never give obstacles to those He knows can't face it. So, with this small obstacles you are facing with, take it as anugerah(s) from Allah and also a challenge to be more wise in the future.

Athi loves, please don't let yourself down, though you went overseas to study, you are left out with all other things. Remember, we can't have everything at a time. Its now the time for you to gain back what you have left behind. Think of yourself, think of your future, think of your family and those who loves you. Only those things can make you smile and keep on walking every day with a better pace each day begins.

Love your Life.
Believe in Your Own Potential.
Wake up each day with the awe of just being alive.
Forget the Past.
Take the power to Choose what you want To Do and Do it Well.
Open Your Heart and Your Mind to Every Opportunity.
Don't be afraid to keep trying.
Create your Own Dreams.
Colour your Life with people and things you Love.
Focus on all that is good.
Life always get better with a Positive Attitude!

With loves,

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  1. Good luck athi on your first posting!. :) take care.


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