Friday, February 6, 2009

Facts bout me

1) I am a sensitive person. but im not sure how sensitive it can be. But I am. Maybe you guys can explain how sensitive I am:P

2) I have mix blood of Chinese (Mum) + Indian(Mum & Dad)+ Brunei (Mum) + Thailand (Dad) + Arabic (Mum) and of course Malay(Dad)

3) I am shorter than my mum. but of course lighter than her:D

4) When I was 9 yrs old, I hit my brother's head with my kasut raya because he threw my kasut raya into a trench

5) When I was 11, my cousin, Azam and me were raced by a male buffalo in our grandparents' orchard. this is the scariest moment in my life I think. + I was wearing red t-shirt on that day and it was my Aunt's wedding day.

6) I am a detailed and a planned person. I do apply formality in my life. After all life is not that easy to be too easy going.

7) My first time taking flight was when I went to Miri in 2006.

8) I loved swimming and I learned it from my dad. I think swimming is a must for a geologist, especially for a sedimentologist/petroluem geologist.

9) I'm not good for a long distance running but I think I can do sprinting (100m or 200m) quite well.

10) My blood type is O positive. So, I am a good doner to all of you.

11)I was born with no talent for music. So, I can't sing (of course I can if I'm alone but with no tone), I can't play instrument. But I listen to music but I'm not updated with this glamorous world.

12) Because of No 11, I want to marry someone with music talent so that my children won't be like me, the music dummy:D . I want my daughter to learn piano and violin while my sons to learn guitar and seruling.

13) I love nature. I appreciate them. That's why I think I can learn geology subject and stand the pressure of a field trip.

14) I always feels sorry and guilty after I made someone feels bad especially my friends.

15) I have a crush when I was in primary school. It was very funny.

16) I can only stand one type of smoke from cigarette. It must be DUNHILL brand.

17) I love the smells of Polo Blue and Polo Black Perfume for men. And for girls, I love the smells of Gucci Envy Me (but I never have enough money to buy it)...

18) I start wearing hijab (for all the time I'm outside my house) when I was 16.

19) My dream house is in a double storey semi-bungalow in a village near with gardens and mini orchards + swimming pool. the house must be built with combination of local and overseas designs. have 5 rooms + one guest room + 2living rooms

20) I don't like salty food.

21) the moment I miss a lot is the time I used my dad's kain pelikat for a must thing to have before I go to sleep. I started that since I was a baby until 12, nearly 13. I stopped it because I went to a boarding school.

22) I fully stopped drink milk from bottle when I was 7 years old.

23) I hate reading newspaper or even online news. It makes me dizzy. So, I prefer to listen to news on radio or TV.

24) I don't like people who is easy to give up in what ever matters. My mindset is never give up until u come to the end.

25) I wish I can go back to TKC and live in there once more as a student. I'm afraid of what is waiting for me when I go back to Malaysia next week

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