Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the 15th week

Alhamdulillah I have passed my first trimester peacefully and safely.I am lucky because my morning sickness is very mild and I can still travel from KL-Penang and KL-KT safely during the first 12weeks.
The first trimester was very crucial for every pregnancy (from what doctor said and what I read and what elders told me).I went through 4weeks of it (my 5th-9th week) in the month of Ramadhan and Alhamdulillah I had fulfilled the full blessed month of fasting.May Allah accept all my ibadah during the last Ramadhan.Though it was hard to go through the whole day with empty stomach while carrying a baby-to-be and bear all the dizziness of pregnancy, Allah has make it easier for me and my baby.

Through out these 15th weeks of pregnancy, I have experience one night of heavy dizziness where I threw out everything I ate that night and we lying flat after breaking the fast. However, my first trimester morning went quite well. I just threw very2 mild after waking up and it does not give any headache or tiredness. I will always bring plastic bags in my handbag in case feeling like throwing out especially in the car. Oh yes, I spend most of my traveling time by sleeping in the car while my husband driving ....p

I am due for another checkup on 25th October and it will be my 17th week by then. Hope baby is healthy and well developed in my tummy as tummy is growing bigger and bigger day by day..(happiness I cant described here).from my previous checkup,doctor gave me some supplements for the baby's growth which are:-

1)first 12weeks: Acid Folic
2)Calsium: after 12weeks
3)Iron+ Folic:after 12weeks
4)Neuro Gain: after 12weeks

So, I didn't particularly drink Anmum or any other maternity milk product since these supplements are enough as what my doctor said. I am excitedly and patiently enjoying every bits of this pregnancy and yes, i love my baby so much and also the father!:)

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