Sunday, October 24, 2010

my lovely sunday

i wake up at 6.30am for subuh prayer as usual but then, i ask permission from my husband to sleep he's going for jogging at taman tasik titiwangsa..
so i sleep up to 8.00+, when i wake up, my husband is already back from jog..
i quickly make ice milo for him and goreng some karipap and keropok lekor.

then i cook nasi lemak with sambal ikan bilis and sambal sotong for two of us.we had late breakfast at 10.00am and that nasi lemak is also carry forward for lunch time later at 2.00pm.(things seem to be delayed during weekend)

after eating we both started to clean the house. i just do minor chores like sweeping the floor and arrange our folded shirt into the cupboard while m husband manage to vacuum the whole house and clean the newspaper rack.we watch movie at starmovie later before lunch.
after lunch, we spent the whole evening lying at the living room. i read my new novel, eat pray love while my husband watch Korea F1.oh, i also eat some vanilla ice cream while reading.feels so heavenly!

after asar we went out to jusco just to buy some vegetables for only take us less than 1hour for traveling return home-jusco...back home i made some keropok lekor goreng and hot tea for my husband's tea time.while i prepare things to cook for dinner which is creamy chicken mushroom carbonara.

n now here i am sitting in front of laptop while watching movie at hbo...and my husband next to me =)...
(happy things does exist on earth if we choose to be happy in any thing we do )


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