Saturday, October 23, 2010

once the eldest always be the eldest

Parents are now safely arrived and happily doing their ibadah(s) in Madinah. they'll be going to Mecca this 28th October...
Since their departure on Monday night, I have turn myself (automatically) to be a more concern and more responsible sister as I could since Im the eldest and the other three are still studying. I have been calling my youngest brother (Izzat) more than once every day since Tuesday. hearing my voice may make him has a little of comfort i guess since he can't directly communicate to either mum or dad except via sms.the other brother (Imran) is not much to be worry as he's already 19 and can manage himself well enough but I still contact him on and off.

However, the other fella (Amir) who is now studying in MRSM is the one I worry most since I can't directly contact him.what can I do is to wait for him to call me (which has been ages on my own calculation though it just 4days)..Well, not able to talk to someone you care and love and worry most for these amount of days will make you become more worried right? I have been regretting that I didn't pass him enough coins so that he can call me (well, the only source to contact is via public phone)..
but Alhamdulillah, I guess there is still a telepathy between brother-sister and thus he did call me last night which make me feel a big relieve in the heart that I can hear his voice and knowing that he is in good condition. Though the phone call was just 2minutes (not enough coins).

all these while, I am grateful to have my husband all by my side. he's the one who acts more as the eldest in my family though he's not the eldest in his. luckily all three brothers get along well with him. my husband has been hearing my worried(ness) of not be able to contact my second brother every single night and i bet he's the one who feel big relieve when Amir give a call last night.

and this Monday baby and me will be having our fourth scanning at Ampang Puteri. Hope baby is growing well and healthy in mommy's womb.

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