Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Outing

today is Father's Day. im the one yang excited than my husband. we didn't make any celebration. just enjoy our day with little Ilyaas usual, wake up at 6am to pump Ebm for storage. then solat subuh and change little Ilyaas punya diapers + feeding him. then we decided to go for jogging (only for hubby) and morning walk (applicable for Ilyaas and me) at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. this is Ilyaas first outing to the park! agak excited coz masa pregnant dulu slalu pegi brist-walking dkt TTTitiwangsa ni.After morning walk, we had breakfast at Wangsa Maju and head back home. kasi Ilyaas mandi (+ basuh berak dia), feed him and as usual he will sleep after kekenyangan let him sleep in the room while both hubster and me do the house cleaning. tukar langsir, tukar cadar, laundry,sapu rumah, lap habuk sana sini, vacuum yada yada yada yada dan masak nasi tomato serta lauk2nya...after zuhur we had our lunch and play with Ilyaas pastu tgk kan?simple life with love ones makes me happy and relax.

ok njoy the piccas--->

fountain at taman tasik titiwangsa

happy father's day abang!

Ayah , Umi dan Ilyaas yg sleepy

Sempat bagi Ilyaas minum susu b4 dia tidur dalam stroller

Ilyaas dah pandai pegang toy. his motorik ability dah bertambah.=)

Ilyaas dan ayahnya b4 ayah jogging

Umi dan Ilyaas ready utk morning walk

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