Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Diaper Clutch: Review from my Customer

Salam Semua,

sedar tak sedar dah masuk April kan? Btw, I was very glad yesterday after receiving a sms from my hi-school senior (she bought diaper clutch from me) and willingly made her own personal unbiased review on it.

You can read her sincere review in her blog. She's also selling beautiful hijab 


Well, our handy, cute and useful diaper clutch is still available. Only 6 left by the way. So Hurry Up people, don't wait to the last minute, come and grab it fast!!!

For product features and review, please visit this link. Diaper Clutch Features
To see which one available in the store, please visit this link. Available Diaper Clutch

Till then, Adios~

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